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We have been serving the Metro-West area of Boston since 1982.

We specialize in family centered chiropractic health care, pediatrics, craniopathy, and creating positive lifestyle support.

Our goal is to meet each person as an individual and to give them the opportunity to learn about, understand and participate in their chiropractic care.

Dr. Rosen is a Sacro Occipital Technique® practitioner (SOT® practitioner) and is a certified Craniopath and SOT® instructor.

SOT® chiropractic is a specialized technique based on the removal of spinal and cranial dysfunction/subluxations and chronic spinal neurophysiological imbalances that affect the overall function of the nervous system. Due to the diversity, flexibility and specificity of SOT® chiropractic anyone from infants to the elderly can be safely adjusted.

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For the past 32 years as a chiropractor, I have practiced and taught Sacro Occipital Technique® nationally and (SOT®) internationally. It has always amazed me to hear the vast misconceptions about this incredible chiropractic technique developed by Major Bertrand DeJarnette, DC. The true beauty of SOT® Chiropractic lies in its indicator system and Category system.

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We live in a time of fluctuation, seemingly limitless choices and varying stress levels. While in a perfect world we might be able to get all the nutrients we need from our food this in not the case for most. Eating on the run, fast food, depleted soil, GMO products, skipping meals, extreme stress levels, high activity levels and inconsistent eating habits all make it difficult to consistently make the best food choices.

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In an effort to keep you informed on some of the latest news in the chiropractic profession and other health related topics, we offer a Wellesley Chiropractic Newsletter for our patients and any interested parties. Check out our past newsletters and sign up to receive future ones.

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Available Now!

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

In his newest book Dr. Rosen discusses the impact of Vertebral and Cranial Subluxations on the child's health. From this perspective he covers the complete spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting protocols from birth through early childhood. The specific protocols are demonstrated with dozens of illustrations, charts and detailed descriptions. Included are two special chapters on the correlations and applications of the examination and adjusting protocols taught in the book, as well as some symptom specific procedures.

New Instructional DVD's

Over the past several years, while also maintaining a private practice, I have traveled nationally and internationally teaching SOT® Chiropractic and Pediatrics. In an attempt to make my teachings more available to the chiropractic profession I have complied a series of DVD's and manuals. These DVD's and manuals are a compilation of years of teaching and lecturing. It is my intention to keep the work of Major DeJarnette, DC alive, and forever available to chiropractors. I am also dedicated to giving chiropractors the tools and skills necessary to take care of children and to inspire them to expand this branch of chiropractic.

While still maintaining a full teaching schedule these DVD's and manuals serve as extension of my work in an effort to increase the availability of my seminars. These media tools are designed to be used as references, introductions to the techniques, refreshers for those who took my seminars and as a valuable learning tool for chiropractors who are dedicated to increase their knowledge base and skill set.

Pediatric Spinal Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols

Pediatric Spinal Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols

In the pediatric population it is important to recognize the dural meningeal system and its effect on the movement of cerebrospinal fluid, the respiratory system, the hormonal system, and the nervous system. In this 2-DVD set you will learn an analysis and correction system to determine the most effective and efficient way to restore function and balance. Besides the obvious necessity for different adjusting procedures to deal with the delicacy of the pediatric spine, we will also address the different types of subluxations – especially meningeal – that are often primary in this segment of the population. Since brain growth, development, imprinting and susceptibility are greatest in the first two years of life, this skill set is paramount in achieving full nervous system function and allowing the child to truly express their full potential.

Clinical Cranial Techniques for the Adult and Pediatric Patient

Clinical Cranial Techniques for the Adult and Pediatric Patient

In this 3-DVD set you will learn specific cranial adjusting protocols for a variety of adult and infant symptomatic presentations as well as techniques to enhance their overall state of well-being.

Techniques to reduce inflammatory processes, work with sinus issues, hyperactivity, attention issues, balance and coordination challenges, sympathetic and parasympathetic imbalances are included, as well as cranial adjusting protocols to enhance vitality and cerebrospinal fluid motion.

Each technique protocol is taught in a lecture and hands-on demonstration format. They are designed to be implemented immediately into your practice regardless of your present spinal technique adjusting paradigm.

A correlation section and PDF workbook is included to allow you to reference which techniques best suit your patient's needs and your current skill level.

Removing Cranial Dural Stress Patterns through the Sutural System

Pediatric Adjusting DVDs

In this 3-DVD set Dr. Rosen discusses the anatomy of the cranial sutural system, its effect on the dural meningeal mechanics of the cranium, and the global effect this has on spinal and pelvic stability. You will learn cranial landmarks, evaluation protocols to determine cranial sutural integrity, and the corrective procedures for sutural subluxation patterns.

The original sutural correction protocol taught by Major DeJarnette was a seven step process. In this video all seven steps will be demonstrated and you will learn how to incorporate them into your practice. Changing the cranial sutural mechanics affects TMJ function, the dural meningeal system, and head posture and pelvic stability. Learning to make corrections to this system will enhance your ability to correct aberrant postural, meningeal, neurological, and structural imbalances in your patients.

A PDF workbook is included on a fourth disc.

Correcting Cranial Specific Subluxation Patterns and TMJ

Pediatric Adjusting DVDs

This 3 DVD package (powerpoint workbook included) covers the anatomy and physiology of the Temporo Mandibular Joint as well as the complete evaluation and correction protocols for various TMD scenarios.

You will learn the specific cranial subluxation patterns the are present with TMJ dysfunction and their corrections. The focus will be on occipital, sphenobasilar, temporal and frontal subluxation patterns and how their evaluation and correction will assist in determining the type of TMJ correction necessary and help stabilize it more efficiently.

Intra-oral corrective procedures will be demonstrated.

The DVD's also cover the complete correction protocols for a variety types of TMD including: occlusion, rotational and translation dysfuctions, cross-bite issues, posterior mandible, pterygoid balancing, disc issues (popping, clicking and hypermobility) and other clinical applicable cranial corrections related to TMD.

Sacro Occipital Technique® Chiropractic Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for the Three Categories

Pediatric Adjusting DVDs

In this 4-DVD set Dr. Rosen demonstrates the Sacro Occipital Technique® Chiropractic procedures for evaluating your patient to determine the proper spinal subluxation pattern and Category as well as the complete adjusting protocols for each Category. Lecture, demonstration and slides are all combined to make this an invaluable learning tool for those wishing to study, learn or review Sacro Occipital Technique® Chiropractic.

Pediatric Adjusting Demonstration DVD's

Pediatric Adjusting DVDs

This 3 DVD set (pediatric evaluation and adjusting DVD's) contains 30-40 minute demonstrations, per DVD, by Dr. Rosen recorded at his seminars. These DVD's are demonstrations of the adjusting techniques (spinal and cranial) taught at his seminars and in his manual "Pediatric Chiropractic Care". Unlike the other DVD's these are NOT set up as specific learning modules with powerpoint demonstrations, they are recorded adjustments done at the seminars in real time. These DVD's are divided into three age groups: infant to age 2, toddler to age 5 and 5-9 year old. Included in the adjusting demonstrations are Dr. Rosen's description of his findings and adjusting rational. These videos are helpful if you want to review the seminar material previously learned or are looking for more tools to adjust your pediatric patients. All the techniques demonstrated in these videos are clearly described in Dr. Rosen's book, "Pediatric Chiropractic Care."

Praise for Dr. Rosen's Instructional DVD's

"I have been a practitioner of SOT for a considerable time. I can state,without reservation, that Dr. Marty Rosen's DVDs are among the best I have seen. They are informative, well structured and easy to understand. His work has had,and continues to have, a profound impact on my career."

Kjell Georg Eilertsen DC. Trondheim, Norway

What is Chiropractic

The purpose of chiropractic care is to restore and maintain the integrity of the relationship between the brain, the spinal cord, its nerve roots and all the cells, tissues, and organs under its control.

These nerve pathways are housed in and protected by the cranial and spinal bones (vertebra). Slight misalignments, distortions or imbalances of these protective structures can cause a disruption of the normal transmission of neurological impulses through these pathways, thus effecting the optimal functioning of the entire body.

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How Can Chiropractic Help You?

Why is a Proper Nerve Supply so Important?

Without an unimpeded nerve pathway, between your brain and spinal cord, the control and coordination of all tissues, organs and systems in your body is compromised.

One of the most damaging neurophysiologic phenomenon that interferes with the optimal functioning of the nervous system and affects the overall health of human beings is a subluxation.

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